How To Play Keno Online

Keno is the right game for gamblers who want to stake without a lot of risk. It is easy to master and play. In fact, there is no strategy required here. All you need is to possess the number that is selected for the win. You can visit za-onlinecasino to enjoy the latest variation of the Keno game. Here are some of the steps involved when playing.

Understanding Your Game

Any typical online keno consists of a paytable, a keno card, and some buttons such as quick pink button. Even though different varieties of Keno games have a slight difference. Keno Card is a grid containing numbers ranging from 1 through 80. Pay Table. It shows how the final payout will be depending on the number of catches that you make.

  1. A player is paid when he hits a higher percentage of numbers.

The Quick Pick button is used to alow the system help you select the numbers. Well, let's go back to the topic. Before you start your game, you need to select your card. Different online keno has different versions of their cards. There are also jackpot and special bonus cards available. You should be keen when selecting cards so that you select the ones necessary.

Use Keno Worker to Select and Mark Numbers on Your Card

Each of the selected number is known as keno spot. A keno card is araged with 10 colums and 8 rows of numbers. A card specifies the maximum number of cards you are allowed to select. The more the number of numbers you bet, the higher the cost of the card. Most cards will allow you to select from 1 to 10 numbers.

After selecting your numbers, you will also need to determine the amount you want to spend and also the number of keno games you are willing to play. A single bet ranges from €1 to €20. A player can also use away bet to place a bet on the group of numbers. However, picking a group of numbers makes you unable to keep track of your picks.


Watch the Machine as it Randomly Selects 20 Balls

Before the game is set on motion, you need to surrender your card to a keno worker. An electronic copy is then issued back to you. Before you hand over the card, make sure everything is correct. The keno machine will use the computer to generate the winning combinations. The results will be displayed electronicaly on the keno board even if you are playing with different cards.

To ensure that there is fairness, the numbers you are playing will appear on both the screen and on your ticket. A player wins when the numbers selected on the ticket matches the ones pulled up by the keno machine. The amount you will depend on the amount wagered and the number of cards you match. The payout will depend on the number of keno tickets played.

Keno Worker to Declares Your Winnings.

After you have won, it is the best time for the keno worker to announce your winnings. All you need is to submit your electronic copy of your keno to be verified. The screen will be clearly showing your winnings. When playing on physical keno, you can throw up your harm to notify the worker. The next game starts after a maximum of 4 minutes.

  • The ability to have a nonstop game makes online keno more thrilling.

It is good to read and understand how the winnings work before selecting a keno game. In some special online keno games, you can get a special payoff if you select a bonus number. The payout of every keno game varies with most of then between 70% and 80%. For a better record, a player should aim to get close to 100%.

Other Bonus Tips

Keep Progressive Jackpot in mind. Most casinos will offer a progressive jackpot. In case there is no hit for a longer time, the jackpot keeps growing. Betting on jackpot can prove to be more exciting. A keno progressive jackpot can pay to even higher than 100%. However, it is hard to predict such a jackpot since everything here happens randomly. The chances of winning are always low.

As we wind up, we have seen different steps you undergo when playing online keno. They are simple and straightforward. If you master them before tha game, you are likely to have an edge. It is good to select a variation with hefty bonuses and the progressive jackpot. Playing with more keno spots and a high wager gives you a chance to win more money.